Sunday, October 10, 2010

1st Meeting


Date : 4th August 2010

Time : 5pm

Venue : Seminar Room 2, JHC


1. Wan Maihan Wan Salleh

2. Zaeimah Zakaria

3. Iman Jeffrey

4. Siti Nurbahiah Haron

5. Nabilah Rameli

6. Farhanah Ibrahim

7. Sariu Ali Didi

8. Muhammad Farhan Nordin

9. Mohamed Suhaib Peer Pulavar

10. Mohd Hafiz Johari

11. Muhammad Sheth Mohamad Azmi

12. Muhammad Zaki Zainuddin

13. Mohd Azrul Hafizul Mustaffa

14. Rodhiyah Shahar

15. Maryam Al batul Azizuddin

16. Azlina Johari

17. Nur Izzati Ismail

18. ‘Izzah Idris

19. Karniza Khalid

20. Noor Hafis Md Tob

21. Mohd Nizam Ishak

22. Muhammad Azfar Ruslan

23. Ahmad Faizul Abd Rahman Sazli

24. Noor Mohd Amin Moktar

25. Mohd Fadil Abd Rahman


1. To decide the programme that will be carried out

2. To form the committee members of the programme

3. To propose the date of the programme

Committee Members

Programme Manager : Ahmad Faizul Abd Rahman Sazli

Assistant PM : Iman Jeffrey

Secretary : Nabilah Rameli

Assisstant Secretary : Nur Izzati Ismail

Treasurer : Mohd Hafiz Johari

Programme Coordinator/Exhibition

Head com : Noor Hafis Md Tob

Assisstant : Farhanah Ibrahim

Committee : Muhammad Sheth Mohamad Azmi

Wan Maihan Wan Salleh

Maryam Al Batu Azizuddin

‘Izzah Idris

Public Relation

Head com : Muhammad Azfar Ruslan

Assisstant : Azlina Johari

Committee : Noor Mohd Amin Moktar

Preparation and Technical

Head com : Mohamed Suhaib Peer Pulavar

Assisstant : Mohd Nizam Ishak

Committee : Mohd Fadhil Abd Rahman

Exhibition and Special Task

Head com : Mohd Azrul hafizul Mustaffa

Assisstant : Siti Nurbahiah Haron

Committee : Sariu Ali Didi

Karniza Khalid


Head com : Muhamamd Zaki Zainuddin

Assisstant : Rodhiyah Shahar

Committee : Muhammad Farhan Nordin

Zaeimah Zakaria

Programme Proposed

1. Sex education (Program Keremajaan)

i. Target group: Secondary school students in Kuantan (involving several schools).

ii. Objective:

a. To educate the teenagers about sex education in view of increasing number of social and juvenile problems among young generation.

b. To motivate the students in their studies by sharing experience on studies.

c. To foster closer Islamic brotherhood among the team and the target group.

d. To inculcate the awareness among us the importance of contributing knowledge and experience to the young generation.

2. Health campaign and exhibition

i. Target group: Public

ii. Objective:

a. To educate the public regarding the common chronic illnesses such as DM, HPT and heart disease.

b. To put the team’s knowledge into practice by enlightening them concerning healthy lifestyles.

c. As the platform for us to mingle with the public.

3. Sunathon

i. Target group: School children (mainly primary school children)

ii. Objective:

a. To expose the team to other part of medicine that can not be gained during hospital attachment.

b. To foster closer Islamic brotherhood among the team and the locals.

c. To put the team knowledge on practice such as in terms of suturing.

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